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Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners When it Comes to Contact Lenses

teenage girl wearing contact lenses 640×350Contact lenses are a popular choice for people who don’t want to wear glasses or simply want to temporarily change their eye color. However, it’s important to understand that not all contact lenses are created equal, and that improper use or fitting can result in serious eye infections and complications. That’s why you should book an appointment with a licensed eye doctor, such as Dr. Sylvester, for a contact lens exam and fitting that will help ensure the best outcome for you.

Learn more about why you should only wear approved contacts from an eye clinic such as Excellence Eye Care in Mississauga below.

Safety and Hygiene

One of the most important reasons why you should only purchase contact lenses from an eye care professional is safety.

Contact lenses require proper fitting, cleaning, and maintenance to prevent infections and other eye problems. Only a qualified eye doctor can aid in that process, as well as recommend the best cleaning solutions and hygiene techniques.

Additionally, counterfeit contact lenses that are sold in cosmetic or costume shops are often cheaply made and not approved by the FDA or eye experts for use, which increases the risk of eye infections and injuries such as corneal abrasions.

Corrective Lens Prescription

Just like any other type of corrective lenses, contacts have to be customized according to the wearer’s current prescription. After all, contact lenses are considered a medical device.

A comprehensive contact lens exam is necessary to determine an accurate prescription for the patient. The prescription includes the strength of the lens, measurements of the lens’ curvature, and other unique aspects of the patient's eyes.

This is done to ensure that the you get the best possible vision correction and comfort when wearing your contact lenses.

Screening for Eye Problems

Some people have underlying eye conditions and diseases that may make wearing regular contact lenses very difficult or even impossible. They may not be aware of this until they visit an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam.

Patients who wear counterfeit contact lenses or purchase contact lenses online without consulting an eye doctor skip the initial step of a comprehensive eye exam. This means if they have an underlying eye condition or disease, it can progress and damage their eyesight down the line. Regular soft contact lenses can also worsen certain eye problems, such as keratoconus and dry eye syndrome.

This is why it’s essential to get a contact lens exam before wearing contacts.

Access to Advanced Technologies

A licensed optometry practice offers access to advanced technologies that over-the-counter and online contact stores don’t offer.

For example, people with specific eye conditions and diseases may have hard-to-fit eyes, which means they can’t wear traditional soft contact lenses. They need specialty contacts which are designed to correct vision for specific eye problems. An example is that people with astigmatism (a refractive error that causes distorted vision) can wear toric lenses to correct their vision. People with hard-to-fit eyes can also benefit from scleral contact lenses.

Only a licensed eye care professional can recommend the most ideal lenses for a patient's specific visual needs and ensure that they’re properly fitted.

Find Contact Lenses in Mississauga

If you want to make the switch from glasses to contact lenses or simply want to change your eye color with costume contacts, make sure you get a comprehensive contact lens exam from an eye cre practice such as Excellence Eye Care in Mississauga.